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Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
At least they haven't lost the good old grid map system, it'll make ripping of 3d models easier than if they had just scrapped the whole grid system. If I may also say that in terms of tilesets, essentials is way behind. Graphics/PBS Folder wise, Gen V has only just been slightly incorporated into essentials. I think it'll be sometime before someone rips all the 3d models and sprites from Gen VI because no-one as of late has even come close to cracking the 3ds so it may take longer to get hold of anything (graphics-wise) to do with Gen VI. My advice: Sprite your own stuff, we all knew this day was coming, just not so soon.
Actually I was seeing something like this coming very very soon.
Only, I was seeing a console based game, and more of a new Shadow Pokémon Based game.

Looking on dA, lots of people are spriting Pokémon from XY.
Mostly the starters though.
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