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1. Firefox - For the last month at least, this has been my main internet browser.
2. Google Chrome - My backup browser, but still gets used more often than most programs on my computer
3. MS Paint - Usually used when saving pictures, to quickly convert them from .jpg to .png
4. Photoshop CS4 - Not for anything in particular anymore, just really like to play around with some of the features
5. Kega Fusion - A Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator, just slightly edges out VBA due to more use recently.

Honestly struggled a bit coming up with my list. My computer is over 10 years old now, so it really isn't that capable of running many programs, especially with the file sizes and memory capacity they take up compared to back then. Once I finally get a new computer, I would really only expect #1 (and maybe #4) to remain.
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