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Quote originally posted by Flydro:
Some new evolutions I wanna see are for

1. Primeape
2. Manectric
3. Torkoal
4. Mightyena
5. Banette
6. Golduck
7. Dewgong

Some cool pre evos:

1. Absol
2. Lapras
3. Heracross
4. Skarmory
Oh my god, a baby skarmory would be so cute!

I also think Torkoal deserves an evolution. It's a pokémon I'd like to use in battle.

EDIT: A wobbuffet evolution would be disastrous for competitive battling, but I kind of wanted to see a bigger blue blob with lipstick xD
Corsola could evolve too.
And maybe a 4th evolution for tyrogue
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