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There have been rumours over the past few months around the internet that the upcoming next gen consoles, the XBOX 720 and the PS4/Orbix, will be implemented with features that block used games. And now, those rumours might have just proven themselves true, as Sony has recently filed a patent that blocks used games on the next gen Playstation.

An individual who buys a brand-new game will have the game tied to his/her account. Then, if anyone with a different account tries to boot the cd, they'll only be able to play it with limited access; they'll have to pay an "access fee" to get full access to the game.

If things do turn out this way, it will greatly affect the video game industry, especially the used game market. Companies like Gamestop and EB Games will greatly suffer. Additionally, anyone who relies on purchasing their games from secondhand stores, or is in a budget will have a much more difficult time getting that special game they want.

Although we can't say for sure that this will happen, what do you guys think about this?
Give me your thoughts and opinions :)

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