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Maybe for the back story, that since you're having one character write to the other, have them mention what you want the readers to know to each other. Like "Hey, remember when you and I did this?" It's better than info-dumping or having long confusing flashbacks. You'd also know just what information is important.

I won't exactly focus on her in terms of what's happening.
That's going to be a slight problem. Second-person is used when the author wants the reader to be the character. Why do you want the reader to be Lyra? Why not just have them floating alongside Ethan and just use first-person? You'd have to see why you want to make this choice, and see if it fits the story that you want to tell.

I'm guessing that between Lyra winning the battle because of Ethan and you asking if the story should be about how Ethan feels for Lyra, then the story should be written like Ethan is watching Lyra battle and is thinking back on how they got to the battle and why she's still a good trainer despite being "soft in battling." Then yeah, you can use the first-person and have Ethan talking to Lyra, "you".

I can't answer about the present-tense and how that would work because I don't deal with that tense at all. So I don't know about that.
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