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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on lately. Anyways, here are my answers for the current topics.

Which Eeveelution's Pokedex entry do you like the most?
Umbreons (Sorry if I have answered this) No sure why. Just how it is haha.

Have you ever had more than one Eevee or Eeveelution in your team?
Yes I have, multipul times. I don't play competitive battle. So I have fun making teams.

I'll try to be on more in the coming days. Haven't really had time lately.
Pokemon Trainer Academy RP: Characters and Pokemon.
Dalex Yukashi: Treecko, Red Fletchling, Froakie, Rufflet,
Ariane Dracon: Noibat and Togepi

Redux: The Sinnoh Stories
Tatsumi Serotagi: Shiny Froakie and Seedot.

Alex Hunt: Dratini and Polar Vivillon.