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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
In gen 5, we saw that the Pokécenter & Pokémart were merged into one building. Would you say this can remain good option for Gen 6? Do you have any new ideas of what they can do to shape the structure(s) of the Pokécenter & Pokémart, in regards of finding everything around in Gen 6? In addition with the Pokémart, could/should there be more selections of items available for purchase? What types of items should be added for purchase, and what items can possibly be removed? (for example, should Evolution stones be sold?)
Yeah it seems a lot easier than going to go heal up, putting up with Nurse Joy's speech, and then running to the mart which seems to get farther from the center each time xD

I say that for the mart it should be divided into sections, but without elevators, I like what B/W did. and for the center... meh nothing xD

I think maybe a devolution item would be cool, but I can't really think of anything atm
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