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So I decided to use one of my favourite pokemon to do a Solo Challenge, won't be an ultimate however. Helico the Omastar destroyed Crystal in about 5 hours real time, such a boss pokemon. Not the best moveset in Gen II, but hey. Here's the summary, pics included:


Had to grind with constrict for so long in order to have a useful move to defeat Falkner/Sprout Tower

Yeah that was easy

So was that

Rollout ftw

Decided to enter the Bug Catching contest for training purposes, Cut/Strength/Rock Smash slave

Bite destroyed them. Also, in Gen II if you cause a pokemon to faint, curse doesn't affect you at the end of the round. Neat huh?

Took on Rockets in Mahogany first. Became a total OHKO machine

These 3 got shut down pretty easily

Seriously, making me go to the stupid Dragon's Den? Not funny Clair


Rollout KO'd the first 4, Surf for Crobat

Surf x5

2 Rollouts, since the first ended after 4 turns. Again the Curse thing helps

Rollout for Gyarados and 3 Dragonites, Surf for Charizard/Aerodactyl. Now Kanto!

Seriously these guys were stupidly easy. About 35 mins from start to finish for all of them put together. Only healed when I started to run out of PP

Bit more thinking required here, used Full Restores twice, but that was it. Completed!

Didn't grab a screenshot of the final stats, but here's the summary of Helico:

Helico, level 76
Rollout/Bite/Icy Wind/Surf

HM Slaves:
Chikorita: Cut
Pinsir: Cut, Strength, Rock Smash
Mantine: Waterfall, Whirlpool
Tangela: Flash

For some weird reason, I never got Fly. Just ran everywhere at superspeed.

So that was fun. Won't do anymore regions with Helico however.

Catch ya('all) later


There hasn't been another post, but I have completed another run. This time, Ptera the Aerodactyl made his way through Hoenn with ease, whilst also proving his Toughness and picking up a couple of friend along the way. Here we go:


I forgot to take pics of Gym Leaders/E4, but here's the winning moment vs Steven

Final stats. Had Aerial Ace all through Hoenn, but replaced it with Flamethrower for the final battle vs Steven

Also, didn't take screenshots, but caught Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, all 3 Regis and Latios cause I could. Might get a flashcart and transfer them to my Soul Silver at some point.
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