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Originally Posted by Somniac View Post
Gwen's free [and new on the island too], but just leaving the academy to head towards Oak town, you can bump into her if you like, just for a casual introduction, once shes back from oak town they could socialize more if you like.
In other news.

Hey Yellow, just checked the first post and you put Gwen in Entei dorm, could you move her to Raikou, as i've been writing as such. much appreciated. If not I can go back and edit my posts.

Just posted up my next post too, looking forwards to the thanksgiving stuff, should be a good way to introduce some of the newer characters to others, Gwen included.
if i could wrap up my battle then I would be happy to have Cecil chat with Gwen. :D

@yellow okay so I caught the wild scyther and is level 20 (just like all of the wild pkmn) and it knows(based on what it used as i battled it) x-scissor,u-turn,double team. It will learn more moves in the future.also i gotta quick question for you.are you going to ever add any gen.6 pkmn to the island when the games arrive worldwide? For example, Prof.Oak or any teacher could make a huuuuge discovery on the island. A huge migration of gen.6 pkmn on the island.
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