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→ Route 30

“My name is Solomon,” the guy said, looking at Krissu with his rich hazel eyes as he spoke. What an unusual name, Krissu thought, but then remembered that inside MAO, there were many even stranger names around.

“Technically, route 31 and then Violet City,” he answered her, seemingly hesitantly. “Supposedly Falkner is waiting there to be defeated. I’m on my way to oblige him.”

The gym leader. Yes, Krissu had heard of people going there and she remembered the leader from her old Gold version. He was one of her favorite gym leaders, even though his pokémon had been really boring. But in MAO, he had already gotten several challengers killed... Things were so different in this world than when this was all just a game.

"Are you strong enough for that?" she said without thinking. "You'll probably need many pokémon, and well trained ones too, to beat him. From the Johto news updates at the pokémon centers, I heard the few people who have challenged him so far have all... you know... failed."

Died, was the right word. A bit too devastating to use, though.

"Uh... anyways. Ange, maybe we should keep moving north before those Weedle come back." She turned back to her companion. Solomon might be the type to prefer wandering alone, and Krissu had told herself that she should do so too. But she didn't feel like leaving Ange and her Solosis and Caterpie just yet. Not yet.

"Right, watch out for swarms up ahead," she added with a glance at Solomon again. "Maybe there's a bug in the game. Literally." She almost gave herself a little smile at her own pun. Silly Christina, surfacing when Krissu needed to be Krissu.

((OOC: After Claire has posted too, Fuyu is allowed to bunny Krissu up until we find Mr Pokémon's house or something, if you like :3 ))
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