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Originally Posted by Vapie View Post
An ice wolf, or just wolf in general.
I want that! ...mainly because of the username of a mod here on PC, but still, wolf mons are awesome.

Originally Posted by Mujahid View Post
Peacock - Male ofc, A legendary maybe ?
I dunno why but I find the idea of a peacock legendary as really amusing. Bow down to the all powerful... peacock doesn't quite fit. Wouldn't mind for it to be a Pokemon in general though :3

Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Hm... maybe we could have another... Normal-type Rabbit Pokémon?
That'd make me sad :( Cause boring.

Originally Posted by BLOOOD-La-ti- View Post
Agreed to those who said Dolphin,
there definetely will be a dolphin.
You never know the future for sure ;)
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