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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I must admit, I've never actually seen many Disney films! I've heard they're mostly amazing and people constantly tell me I'm "missing out on my childhood" etc because of it, but I guess I'll have to find out some other time haha. The only one (that I remember) which I've partially watched was The Lion King, but I only managed to sit through about half of that in a Biology class until the bell rang for lunch so that's the best I've accomplished Disney-wise. I'd definitely like to watch some so based on people's favourites from this thread I think I'll go on a watching spree soon!
Don't know how much you'd enjoy that. While they're technically well-made, they're mostly family-oriented musicals. Mainly enjoyable to adults (for the most part. There's exceptions), I think, if they watched them as a kid to begin with (nostalgia factor) or watched them with their kids. You might do well with the '90s Disney Decade stuff. That's pretty accessible. You should have no problem with Pixar flicks, they're critic darlings. But, the old old stuff? Like Snow White or Pinocchio? Keep in mind that they're very slow. Old films like Pinocchio or Fantasia (which is terrific, be sure to see Fantasia 2000 as well) weren't even popular with audiences when they were first released.

Everything is billed by Disney as a "masterpiece" (and they are, at least technically. They are achievements in animation), or beloved classics - but they really only got to that status over many many years of repeat viewings through theatre rereleases or being aired Sunday nights on ABC back in the day. Now everyone loves them.

But to jump into those older ones. Eh... not sure how well you'd do.
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