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chapter three: imperfect

Magnezone bashed into the police office, dropping Ethereal onto the floor, releasing the Thunder Waves which bound her.

“Sir, that’s not too safe, don’t you feel?” the receptionist Audino asked.

“NO,” he droned. “IT’S PERFECTLY…SAFE…”

His voice made a swift diminuendo before it disappeared to nothing. He dipped his head, then flung his police beret to the ground.

“Erm…sir? That’s a sign of…”


Ethereal gasped. “No! Don’t! I’m sorry, please don’t resign!”

Magnezone sighed. “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.”

“How isn’t this my fault?!” Ethereal cried out, tears already flooding out of her eyes.

“WHOA, DON’T CRY, DON’T CRY…” Magnezone floated over, hovering over Ethereal and covering her with one of his magnets.

Ethereal leaned her head on the magnet, pouring her compassion on it. “Please don’t resign, I’ll help you get whatever you lost back!”


“And it’s all my fault! I’m sorry for threatening you at HP-point! I’m sorry for freezing you to the ground! I’m-“

“HUSH, GIRL,” he buzzed calmly, patting Ethereal on her back. “YOU KNOW, I WISH EVERY CON WERE LIKE YOU.”

Ethereal stopped sobbing. She looked at Magnezone with teary eyes.


“Just today, I had a Dusclops outside my house.”


Ethereal chuckled weakly, but it was so forced that she ended up feeling more melancholic than happy.


Ethereal shook her head.


“I…try to help them…recover…sometimes,” Ethereal stuttered, almost in embarrassment.


Ethereal made a faint giggle, then quickly returned to her depressed state.


Ethereal paused, then shook her head.


“…Thank you, Officer.”


Magnezone went out of the office, leaving the Audino slightly dumbfounded.

“Well, that was abrupt,” he said. He looked down at Ethereal. “Erm…I’ll call in Crimson.”

“You don’t need to,” a voice echoed through the corridors. It was Crimson, the Typhlosion.

“Inspector!” the Audino exclaimed. “Did you see all of that?”

“Yep! I sure did!” Crimson said, bouncing up and down. “Cameras exist!”

He was a rather hyperactive one. Some wondered how he rose up the ranks until he was one rank below the Chief, but Ethereal knew that he was so good with interrogations that he could squeeze out truths from lies.

He turned over to Ethereal. “So, Ethy. Welcome back to our amazing police office! How long has it been? Five years?”

Ethereal kept quiet.

“Dang, something on?”

“I’ll confess everything later. Just take me inside first, if you’d please.”

“Not very flirty today, are you?”


“Whoa, a one-word answer. That’s…not you.” Crimson said, voice dipping. “Come on in.”

Suddenly, a Luxray bashed through the front door, denting it slightly.

“Alright!” he said, panting. “How do I turn myself in?”


“Just sit down and relax, I’ll get you peeps some water.”

“I’m not thirsty, it’s okay,” Ethereal said.

Frenzy looked at Ethereal, sticking out his tongue and panting. He had just been through a run.

“…Actually, just get some water. Thanks, sugar.”

Crimson smiled and walked away.

As the door of the interrogation room slammed shut, there was an awkward moment of silence. The two convicts stared at each other from time to time, but they never initiated a conversation. After about five minutes, it became clear that Crimson wasn’t going to appear very soon.

“So, how did you end up in here?” Frenzy asked. His low-pitched voice echoed in the room.

“Long story,” Ethereal said, before her voice faded away and a tear formed at her eyes. She swiftly swiped it away. “Sorry, it’s not the nicest of stories.”

“It’s good,” Frenzy said. “I won’t rub it into you.”

There was another moment of silence.

Ethereal sighed. She was going to have to let it out on somebody.

“Hey, you ever lost a…well, a lover before?”

“I’m not the relationship kind of guy.”

“Well,” Ethereal said. “I’m okay with that. I guess I won’t…involve you in any of this…”

Her voice softened until it was a mere squeak.

“I really wish that I could help…but I really can’t give any relationship advice,” Frenzy mumbled.

“It’s okay, furball. It’s okay.”

Suddenly, a Volcarona slammed the door open. She waltzed into the room, wings fluttering at such a speed that the noise generated was slightly annoying.

“I’m taking over Crimson here,” she said. Her voice was scratchy and sounded malicious in itself. “So there’s no more rainbows and sunshine for all of you.”

Ethereal got up from her chair. “Um…sorry…” she looked on the Volcarona’s police beret, affirming her rank. “…Inspector,” she said, punctuating the word clearly, then continued, “But could you bring Crimson back? It’s painful trying to explain the entire story again…”

“Shut up, crybaby! Get back to your seat!”

Ethereal’s eyes widened, but she listened to the command and did as she was told. Frenzy, however, wasn’t too happy with Volcarona’s display.

“Hey, this gal over here is just feeling a little vulnerable now, got a problem with that?!” he sprung out of his seat and shouted at Volcarona.

Volcarona was shocked. “Don’t get aggressive against me!”

“I haven’t even gotten aggressive yet,” Frenzy grinned, then roared.

Ethereal grabbed Frenzy. “No, furball, don’t do this…”

Volcarona laughed loudly; how she did it was kinda mystical, since she didn’t have a mouth. Speaking was already something awkward, but laughing? That was really off-the-top.

“I bet you don’t even know the name of that girl, right?” she taunted.

“Well!” Frenzy was about to come up with a witty response, but he really didn’t know her name.

“Ethereal,” Ethereal said.

“Frenzy here, sup. Beautiful name you’ve got there.”

Ethereal made a faint smile.

“Okay, you’ve had your reunion! Perfect! Now tell me why you’re here in the police office right now!” Volcarona shouted.

“Could we all sit down first? We can’t talk when we’re all ready to fight and stuff…”

Volcarona was fuming mad now. Ethereal was now giggling, tears around her eyes starting to evaporate, and on the verge of exploding into laughter.

“Fiery Dance!”

Volcarona cloaked itself in fire, and the flames spun around her, projecting outwards. In any other place, this would have melted metal. Thankfully, the interrogation room was already proofed against the seventeen elements.

“Whoa! Don’t attack us!” Frenzy shouted.

“Hang on, sugar,” Ethereal said, springing out of her seat. “I’ve got this one.”

She jumped in front of Frenzy, absorbing the impact of the Fiery Dance. Frenzy was stunned; he was being protected from a Fire-typed move by an Ice-type. Volcarona was pretty ticked off too, for the same reason.

“How did you do that?” Frenzy asked.

“Eh, I’m fireproof. Curses from Chandelures. Very complicated stuff. Can’t explain it.”

“Wow, that just makes you so much more beautiful.”

Ethereal squealed. She swished around a hundred and eighty degrees, showing off, taking a glimpse at Frenzy’s stunned face in the meantime.

“I like you already,” she commented. There was a now a seductive smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Volcarona was charging up from another attack. Their conversation had given her the time to finish the charging, and he released the attack, ending the conversation abruptly.

“Bug Buzz!”


Volcarona emitted a high-pitched, painful cry, reminding Frenzy of someone who changed his life.

Ethereal’s attack came more slowly; she started by releasing a blast of cold air around her, freezing the moisture in the air and creating glimmering shards of pure ice. The frost surrounding her quickly solidified too, forming even more beautiful shards of ice. With one single flick of her head, the shards of ice started dispersing all over, hitting everything possible, except her partner.

The Bug Buzz attack was stopped cold by the shards of ice. Literally.

The other shards of ice suddenly turned themselves towards Volcarona; the degree of perfection of the attack was off the charts. They shot towards Volcarona at an extremely high velocity.

And suddenly, before they hit her, Ethereal stopped the attack. The shards of ice froze under the heat emitted by the flaming bug.

“What?! Why did you stop it?” Frenzy said.

“It’s illegal to attack a police officer,” she sighed, then looked at Volcarona. “But it’s not illegal for a police officer to attack us.”

“Yes indeed, crybaby. Bite it and go on.”

Volcarona flew out of the room, forgetting to close the door behind her.

Ethereal helped her with that; she closed the door, then walked back to her seat. She looked at Frenzy for a split second, then burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! It’s a waste that you’re not with more girls, really! You’re really good at this!” she said, bowling over with laughter.

Frenzy simply kept his cool, giving Ethereal a grin which let one of his fangs show.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said, stately.

“Of course it is, tiger! Of course it is!” Ethereal chirped. She had apparently already left Garchomp back in the past. “Gawsh, hope I’m roomed with you.”

“We’re in a prison, Ethy. They’re called ‘cells’.”

Ethereal bowled over with laughter once again, her remaining tears spilling out of her eyes.

“Oh, we’ll have so many great moments in our cell!” she said, still laughing.

Frenzy remained silent, slightly taken aback by that statement.

Ethereal stopped laughing. “Okay, was that a little too much?”

Suddenly, Crimson opened the door of the interrogation room, carrying a tray with a jug of water and some wine glasses on it.

“Sorry I took so long! Got caught up with a Teddiursa who was selling candy! Okay, no questions asked! Carry on!” he said, scratching his head.

He took a glimpse at the two convicts, and saw that Frenzy was bearing a faint smile on his face, and Ethereal had just gone through a fit of laughter. It warmed his heart.

“So, I’m presuming that we can go on with our interrogation now?”

“Yes, Inspector,” Frenzy said.

“Eh,” Ethereal interjected. “Before this, I just wanna call for a room- or rather, a cell, with Frenzy over here. Hope that’s fine.”

Frenzy nodded his head in agreement.

“It’s good, really!” Crimson said, smiling. “Just be really honest during the interrogation, kay?”

“Oh, I’ll confess everything. It’ll be so detailed that you could write a story on this.”

The two of them confessed every last detail of their last mission.


“Have a good time in prison!”

“Thanks, we will!”

The door was slammed shut, and the guards took the two convicts to their cell. They weren’t even chained; Crimson knew that they had no intentions of escaping.

Crimson walked down the corridor, back to his office desk. On the way, he met the Volcarona. She was the only officer in the entire department who was also given the rank of Inspector.

He decided that it was necessary to talk to her.

“Hey, Inspector, may I have a few words with you?” Crimson said, removing all the informality in his normal speaking tone, creating one that sounded more professional.

“Sure,” she said, much more politely than the way she talked to the convicts.

“You know Rocky, I saw what you did in the interrogation room. I was standing at the other side of it and looking through the window. I was actually supposed to see if they would do anything suspicious, but I saw something else.”

Rocky blushed, possibly at how Crimson articulated her name in his formal tone; it sounded unnatural. “Forgive me for that, Crimson. They pushed my buttons a little.”

“If I remember correctly, you attacked them. Ethereal mentioned a law about us being allowed to attack the convicts, and how it can’t happen vice versa. It stands, but it shouldn’t be abused.”

Rocky’s temper flared. “Are you saying that I’m abusing the law?!”

Crimson kept quiet, allowing her to cool down.

She eventually did. “Sorry for that.”

“Look, you’re a great officer. I just think that you could stick with your field duties. You’re much better at those.”

“You know really well that the rank of Chief can only be obtained by the lazy Slakoths who stay indoors all the time, right?”

Ouch. That hurt.

“Let’s try to remain formal, shall we?”

“Why bother? There’s no one listening, right?!”

“Office code of conduct. Let’s try to follow it.”

Rocky glared at Crimson. Crimson simply remained rooted to his spot, with an emotionless expression.

“You’re really stuck-up, know that?”

“I get that a lot, yes.”

He didn’t really get it a lot. In fact, it was the first time someone called him “stuck-up”, since he was always modest and ready to get down to the lower-ranked officers’ level. Sometimes, he even tried to scrap his superiority when with the convicts.

“Well, it’ll really suck if someone who can’t take their job seriously ends up a Chief, right?”

“Yep. So true.”

Volcarona strutted off, calling her party and getting ready for more field duties.

Crimson sighed. Sometimes, he wished that he could fight back. He felt a little tinge of anger burning inside him, but he swallowed it down.

“Hey, Inspector!”

Crimson turned around, and saw his secretary. It was a Skiploom, and her name was Noisy. Yes, Noisy. She was one of those ex-convicts who started serving for the law after their jail term. Noisy had worked with Crimson for about five years already; her first case, ironically, was when Ethereal got arrested for the first time.

She supposedly got her name by her annoying methods of assault. She’d plant Leech Seeds on a person and hide behind Substitutes until the foes were drained of all their energy. It was a merciless way to eliminate a foe, and some of them complained that it was annoying, therefore the name. She wasn’t a very noisy poke, though.

“Afternoon, Noisy,” he said, saluting.

“Afternoon, Inspector,” Noisy said, saluting in response to Crimson.

“What are you doing here?”

Noisy sighed.

“Could we get out of this station for a while? I want to bring up some…issues.”

“Right, we shall, then.”


It was not until they stepped out of the facility when Noisy’s true personality was shown.

“Right, finally! FINALLY!!”

“Yep, finally indeed!”

Noisy stopped shouting as she saw the smile return to Crimson’s face.

“Come, let’s get a drink or something.”

Crimson thought about it for a second. A drink could be a great mistake.

“Nah, let’s just talk over here. I need to go finish that interrogation transcript.”

“Well, I’ve done it already!” Noisy said, making a jump which left her suspended in air. “Don’t worry about that part!”

Crimson grinned. “Wow, you’re the best, Noisy.”


“Right, here’s your Hyper Potion and Casteliacone!”

“Thanks, Purple Guy!”

Noisy took her Casteliacone with two hands, smiling at the really friendly Salamence. Crimson grabbed the glass of Hyper Potion.

The owner of this humble café was a Salamence who used to be in the police force. He rose to a rather high rank, before he decided that there was no place for the officers to chill out around the office. He therefore created a solution to that, and was earning so much more money that some of the policemen wished that they had become Purple Guy’s staff when they had a chance.

Crimson slid the glass over to Noisy. “Want some?”

“No, it’s okay,” Noisy replied. “I’m going to try to cut down on the alcohol.”

She took a huge bite of the Casteliacone as Crimson took his glass back and sipped from it.

“Wonder why they call it a ‘Casteliacone’,” the Skiploom said, out of complete randomness. “Maybe it’s a cone from some weird city called Castelia or something.”

Crimson was too busy drinking from his glass. Noisy sighed.

“Anyway, we didn’t come here to talk about food.”

Crimson put down his glass. “Yeah?”

“It’s about…”


Noisy nodded.

“There’s nothing wrong with her,” Crimson said, taking another sip from his glass.

“What are you talking about? She insulted you quite a few times there, don’t you know?”

“Eh, doesn’t hurt me too much.”

Noisy raised an eyebrow.

“Are you drunk?”

“Not yet.”


She sighed again.

“I’m just worried that she ends up Chief. I’d never be able to stay in the force if there’s some horrible leader barking orders at me. I’d probably just quit or something.”

Crimson put down his glass.

“Your point being?”

“You can’t let Rocky be the Chief! It’ll mark the end of the force!”

Crimson laughed. “You’re speculating a lot, and that’s normally not such a good thing!” he said with a little quiver in his voice, signalling that he was a little drunk already.

“Someday, you should teach her a lesson!”

“Nah, that day’s never coming!” Crimson said, taking another sip from his glass.

“I mean, you never thought of fighting back? That’s just a little…I don’t know.”

Crimson gulped down the entire glass of Hyper Potion. His head was now swaying in a circle.

He raised one of his hands, and muttered, “Patience.”

Immediately after saying that, his head slammed onto the bar table.

Noisy sighed. “Purple! I need your help here!”

Purple Guy walked over to Noisy and collected Crimson’s glass. He chuckled at the sight of Crimson, and his image slightly resembled one of those stereotypical evil villains.

“I see that my buddy has tipped over again.”

“Yes, he has! Do you have one of those quick detoxifiers or whatever-you-call-those?”

Purple Guy winked. “I’m right at it.”

He reached down and took out a bottle of Full Heal. Normally, these would be mixed with a Hyper Potion to remove the high alcohol content in the Hyper Potion, but on their own, they were able to snap a drunken poke out of his trance really quickly.

“Heh, Noisy, you know something about Crimson?” he asked as he opened the cap of the bottle.

“I guess I should know enough about him to guess what you’re talking about. You two were partners once, right?”

The Salamence smiled. “More than that, actually.” He poured the Full Heal into a wine glass, and continued, “He was so much more than a partner.”

Noisy was visibly confused. “Wait, explain that for me, would you?”

“Heh, he always had this habit of swallowing his anger, then finding a way to dispel it. He never released his anger on anyone.” Purple Guy dropped some ice cubes into the glass, and gave it a swirl. “I, however, had this habit of lunging out at anyone who ticked me off. I guess I was a little bit of a disgrace to him.”

He served the glass of Full Heal.

“But yeah, after a while of being his partner, I eventually picked up his ways, and I guess that’s why I make friends much more easily now, eh?”

Noisy laughed. “I can see that; you’re a bartender now! You must have, what, a hundred girls?”

The Salamence was stuck frozen to the spot, hand still clutching on the glass of Full Heal.

“Erm…ignore what I said,” Noisy said.

“Yeah…sometimes I wondered why I wasn’t chosen by Arceus to wield a Choice item. Remember the time where me and Crimson were interrogating that Glaceon-girl?”

“Ethereal? Yeah, she’s back in prison.”

Purple Guy’s eyes widened. “Oh, a shame. She was one of the nicest convicts I ever met. She was also stunningly be-“

He quickly shook any weird thoughts off.

“Anyway, that girl was a Choicer. I loved to ask myself why she was chosen instead of me; and then I realised that the Choice items weren’t just weapons made for destruction.”

Noisy nodded her head in strong approval.

“You know the tale behind Choice, right?”

Noisy shook her head.

“Well, Arceus chooses certain pokes to wield Choice Items. But he only chooses them based on certain qualities which they possess. And the Choicers are destined to inspire others, rather than cause destruction with their extra power.”

“Inspire?” Noisy asked. That was something new.

“Yep, inspire. And I think Crimson’s the prime example of a strong source of positive influence,” he said, slotting a slice of lemon to the glass of Full Heal as a garnish.

“And the Choice Specs which Crimson treasures so much,” he added, “They represent patience.”

Noisy nodded her head, keeping silent as she fed the Full Heal into Crimson’s mouth. He slowly came to his senses.


“You got drunk. Very drunk. Better get some sleep, pal,” Purple Guy said.

“Right…” Crimson said wearily. “See you tomorrow, Noisy. Thanks for the drink, Purple!”

“See you too Crimson! Rest well!”

The two of them watched Crimson walk towards the horizon.

“Yep, the Hyper Potion isn’t meant to go down one’s throat,” Purple Guy commented. “Poor soul.”

Noisy nodded her head, showing a distinct sad face. Suddenly, an idea struck her. She asked Purple Guy, “Hey, I’ve got a treasure too…it’s not a Choice item, but it’s close.”

“Well, I’d be happy to give you more children’s stories.”

She took out a lump of pink ore. Purple Guy recognised it instantly.

“So Purple, what does this represent?” Noisy asked, almost innocently.

Purple Guy sjirachied and gave a rather shallow answer.

“Oh, it just means that you have much more to achieve, and you’re finding an excuse to not achieve it.”

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