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Originally Posted by Zupplu View Post
Hmmm I like the sound of a love interest! That would be very interesting. Well, I've been thinking and I have a little idea. You have to rivals, and they are friends, but just classmates to you. One is reall determined and kinda dark even, going for the all or nothing approach, doing whatever it takes to be the best. And the other rival is kinda like their sidekick. Unfit and Slow, they find it hard to keep up with their friend. They are just generally a follower and is kinda weak. But as he/she see's their friends dark ways, they become friends with you and turn to you to help.

So it may not be the best idea, but it's different to anything we've seen before.
I actually like this idea. It is a good plot line. And add the fact that this puts the protagonist as the "odd man out" that ultimately becomes the hero. Thinking of the standard age market for the Pokemon genre, it could a good motivational story. Hehe, you could even add in a couple NPCs that would have given the player something but the rival got his last one instead of the current standard of getting everything handed to them.
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