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Originally Posted by Hevil93 View Post
Yeah, downloaded it and immediately got ads with auto-start videos. Thanks. Now I have to run MSE and CCleaner because of this.
Don't know what you downloaded but it wasn't PGE. Nice try

Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
I just want to ask if the Pokemon Editor allows you to change the amount of moves a pokemon can have. Or would you need to repoint the move set list?
You will have to repoint them I think.
Originally Posted by Yazamoto View Post
I do not have a .ini file
download one within the program.

Originally Posted by guraya View Post
Oh, I solved the problem. I don't think this tool supports UNICODE.
I went to Control Panel and changed present language into English.
Now, it works! Some EFL learners like me may have the same problem.
Anyway, thank you for replying to my question.
ah ok.
I find it amusing how people my steal ideas and then claim to be the first one to do something.

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