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Originally Posted by LiquoriceBeef View Post
I'm back after 6 months of inactivity :/
I never really do much here, I just download ROM hacks and make witty comments that seem to soar over people's heads...
Ah well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Welcome back, LiquoriceBeef!
Ahh, well that's the great thing about this forum, you can do your own thing, and you don't get judged.
:3 I hope to see your witty comments!

Originally Posted by Autaven View Post
I'm back, though I was always more of a lurker
After getting a 3DS XL for my Christmas and getting excited for X & Y I'm ready to get stuck back in. I never got around to getting Black 2 or White 2 so going to get one to tide me over until October.
Glad to be back!
Welcome back to PC!

I'm so crazy about X and Y right now, you would not believe it! x3 Well, the server should build up the tension for the games, I know I will! Yeah Black and White 2 should suffice till the games release, it has heaps of things to keep you busy!

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