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Yep, another Java engine. (This one isn't dead guys!)

Basically, end goal is a Pokemon engine that is as true to the look and feel of the Pokemon games that it feels like you are playing on a game boy/emulator. And to make the engine easy enough to edit and create games in that it is more attractive than ROM hacking.

- Based on Fire Red graphics right now (my personal favorite) but I am planning on making the engine either support other games or be flexible enough to use almost any graphic.
Changed to Red, easier to code into the game without having to spend hours on graphic design.

- The main goal of the engine is to support the latest generation's battle system and Pokemon, and to do it in a way that is easily modifiable.

Features as of 4/8/14:
-The game now runs on libgdx. I'm done with screwing around with engine design, libgdx is nice, ports to android real quick, and works.
-Mapping is based on Tiled now, making my own tools sucks, so I'm going to use as many 3rd party software to make it easy on both me and anyone using this engine.
-Script system based on ROM ARM code, cause I'm weird like that. Its not complex, just formatted that way. Should be pretty powerful and extendable.
-Battlesystem is about 70% done, Pokemon are loaded and play like they should, lots of the unique attack effects are not implemented, but the standard ones are. I still need to do natures, but other than that, the stat/leveling system is good.
-Menu system is, again, Pokemon Red based, so it looks like crap, but it works. I haven't got to the bag or some other smaller menus, but the pokemon menu and the battle menus are working, and the pokedex is up.

Yes, this engine is a year old now. And progress is very erratic, but it is NOT dead, just very slowly developed.
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