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Originally Posted by Blade_of_darkness View Post
He did indeed, as he provided more than enough proof to give us peace of mind with regards to those solar flares.

So, my advice to you, PokeZoom? Check the dates of any news clippings that you're going to use as a source, & make sure that the clipping comes from a news source that is actually reputable. Otherwise, people aren't going to take you seriously.

The worst thing is, the Telegraph IS supposed to be a reputable news source, which makes all this "omgapocalypse!!11!" nonsense that much harder to understand. I'd have understood it if the source had been the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, The Sun or other similar pieces of printed toiler paper, but... the Telegraph? Come on, guys. *shakes head*

Three years ago or now, a paper like the Telegraph should have never published nonsense like this.
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