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James Joules Garnet - Children's City

James paced ahead, but made sure to keep just close enough that he could hear Makoto and Aria's conversation. He liked what he heard. The boy couldn't function without orders. That was positively /brilliant/. James nearly jumped for joy at his good fortune. Lisbon appeared beside him and chuckled quietly, disconcerting James greatly as the Bisharp always did when showing any kind of emotion.

"I like your thoughts on the boy, James." The knightly spirit said in a flat tone. "But unfortunately there is still the issue that the other girl doesn't quite trust you yet. It would seem Makoto is to follow Aria's orders only."

James nodded slowly, speeding up his walking a little as to get out of earshot with the others. He trusted Aria, but he didn't know how she'd act if she found out what James was planning. Aria could think him insane, foolish or even worse - both.

"I noticed that Lisbon, but that's not the point. In a single day, we've found three very likely additions to the cause." Jaames knew getting anyone to help him would be hard. But surely if he just put aside about this whole endeavor for a now and just helped others, eventually he would gain enough support and popularity to raise some form of fighting force.

"It will take time." James asserted. "But it can't be done. We both knew this would never happen overnight, Lisbon."

With that, the spirit faded to nothing once more, and left James pacing quickly through the city ahead of the others. At that moment, for some reason... James felt somewhat happier. Friends. There was something comforting about the word. Maybe he'd figure out why some time.

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