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Weakness Challenge

Welcome to the Weakness Challenge! In this Challenge, you play any Pokemon game. Sounds nice and simple. BUT, you can only use Pokemon that are weak to a specific Pokemon! If you want a proper explaination, look at the rules.

- Only use Pokemon that your current Pokemon is weak to. So, if you have a Bulbasaur and you found a Growlithe, you catch the Growlithe. Then if you find a Tentacool you catch it. It goes on like that.This does not apply to HM slaves, so don't worry about that.
- The first rule does not apply to the Pokemons evolution, only its current state.

- You cannot replace any current Pokemon. Unless its a HM slave.
- No legendaries, even if your current Pokemon is weak to the legendary!
- Once your up to the E4, dump all HM slaves and use your diverse team.
- Screenshots are recommended, but small written updates are okay .
- If
you want to, you can have a no monotype challange.
- If you want more difficulty, you can try Ultimate mode where you go through all of the games.

Sign Up
Challenge type: (Normal or Ultimate)

Cutielaurenie - Bulbasaur - Firered - Normal


I'll start up with my Sign Up.
Username: Cutielaurenie
Game: Firered
Challenge type: Normal

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