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Quote originally posted by godlesplay:
still is hard to read "What will BELLSPROUT do?" , btw nice water battle background !
Quote originally posted by Pinkish Purple:
I have no problem reading, but maybe you should add darker shadows to the text. Nice update, absol
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll work on making the text clearer.

Quote originally posted by n0rul3s:
Want Pokemon X/Y Sprites? I've made the starters :3.
No thanks. Not interested right now.

Quote originally posted by Pinkish Purple:
This OW is from a hack called PokemonGoldenAndSilver Legend that I found on another forum. It looks similar to yours o.o
There is a good reason for this.

Originally, I planned to use that sprite as the hero overworld, but then decided to make my own. But since I had already done the trainer backsprite specifically for that overworld, I made the new overworld so that it would fit with the backsprite. That's why they look so similar.