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Just a few things:

Saying Alexander is a discharged knight doesn't tell me anything about what he's doing right now. Please change it to something else, since if he's discharged that means it's no longer his occupation. He can still be a discharged knight, but that would be something you put in history. Just change it to whatever he's currently doing to make a living.

If you could elaborate on the spells more, please do. You said what they do, but you didn't say how they work. Pretty much, what are the specific effects of the magic.

I'm going to have to ask you to downsize your kirin's length. If you look at the image, kirin have shorter tails like a bovine. And (should probably add this to the first post...) hydra are the only dragons known to live over 200 years, so if you could put it's age down a bit... o3o

Nyeheh, this just made me notice some stuff I should probably edit in the first post to make things more clear... ._.' For anyone who didn't notice, the names of the dragons have links to example images of what a typical dragon of that species looks like.
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