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"Keep Calm & Flutter On" will debut on January 19th...which week. D: Can it be next Saturday now? Somehow I am in need of ponies rn D:

Oh man, answering my own topic here...My favorite episodeS would be both Hurricane Fluttershy and Sisterhooves Social. Both of them are Season 2 episodes, and personally I loved Fluttershy in that episode (Hurricane Fluttershy!), because of how she was able to conquer her past fear of humiliation. It was incredible to see her overcome that. :)

And then there's Sisterhooves Social, where it literally touched my heart. Both Rarity and Sweetie Belle have such an amazing Sister-Sister relationship, that honestly made me cry and wanted me to hug my little sister. <3

Quote originally posted by Sammyskitty:
Ohey! Actually I scrapped the project shortly after I disappeared from PC, so I have to start from scratch and dig up some more vectors ;~;

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to upload a better version and hopefully this time have for Linux/OSX but that's currently the last thing on the list.
Ahh, alright! Take all the time you need for that! No rush whatsoever~
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