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I didn't have the opportunity to update much, as my life has been pretty hectic this week, but I have completed the challenge.

I would like to point out how much of a boss Sableye is. He gained me most of my victories, and paired with Mawile's Fake Tears, the two ripped through pretty much everything with time. I can't say the same for Kadabra and Ariados...both were pretty terrible. Kadabra was way too fragile to become a decent team member, and Ariados had the same issue. Duo'ing the game with just Sableye and Mawile probably would have been easier, but hey, this is a challenge. :3

Final Team:

Pawile Lv. 51
Iron Defense, Fake Tears, Baton Pass, Crunch

Sabs Lv. 56
Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Night Shade

Magico Lv. 51
Psychic, Role Play, Disable, Recover

Spinach Lv.51
Sludge Bomb, Leech Life, Night Shade, Fury Swipes

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