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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Is it just me, or do both Hillbert and Hilda sound more like N? That is seriously not what I have expected their personalities to be. Regardless, this could've gave Hillbert/Hilda a chance to be in the same rank as Red in terms of popularity by the fans.
I agree. Or is it maybe that their journey made them more mature? Idk I thought Hilbert would have more of a cool personality while Hilda would be more relaxed and spontanious.

But i dont think they could reach the same fan base as Red seing as how Red has been around since gen one and staring in two greatly recognised manga. However Hilda/Hilbert imo isnt as iconic and even so with 6th gen sweeping in, attention is probobly going to be taken away from them quickly if not already.
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