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Quote originally posted by Sunfished:
It looks almost identical to Sugimori's art style.
Truest statement posted in this thread.

Ęℓαчиıı, your art is fantastic. It's so authentic to Sugimori's style.. If someone told me this (I'm just using that one as an example, this comment applies to all of them) was a Gen VI Pokemon, I'd believe it. Even the names are believable. Moreover, they just make sense. Your Charoyal seems to pair perfectly with Honchcrow, imo. You have a amazing talent for reproducing Sugimori's art style while still being unique and completely your own. It goes without saying that your line work is immaculate, your color choices are perfect, and your eye for lighting / shadows is absolutely flawless. I am super, super impressed. And equally surprised that I haven't commented on this thread before! :o I'd love to see you do more Pokemon landscape work. Flocks of these guys in the wild with sunsets and whatnot.

If I were you, I'd sell your work and make some serious money. Can't wait to see that game your developing. If I read correctly, the link is in your signature, right? You've got serious raw talent. Can't wait to see more! n_n;

Got any ideas for a pseudo-legend yet?

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