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Sapphire Monotype FINAL Update:
- Trained till lvl 52-53
- Went through the V. Road (Which was a pain in the butt)
- Defeated Wally
- Bought some Revives and Potions
- Went into the Elite 4!
- Defeated Sydney! His Absol with Sky Uppercut from Breloom
- Defeated Phoebe! Her Dusclops with repeated Faint Attacks from Cacturne
- Defeated Glacia (Who left my Breloom with 1 HP and Frozen Solid)! Her Walrein with a Critical Hit Leaf Blade from Grovyle
- Defeated Drake! His Salamance with a repeated and stat boosting Ancient Power
- And Defeated Steven!!! His Metagross with a repeated Surf from Ludicolo
- Went to the hall of fame (Screenshots below)

P.D: Couldn't take that much Screen Captures from the Steven battle beacuse I was very exited XD

Screen Captures:

Hall Of Fame:

Well this is the end of an awesome challenge! I'll do other monotype in the near future!
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