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Quote originally posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red:
Your talking about Sprizzle? You can catch her in normal mode. Anyways, which mode is different mode?
Can you please not use yellow color?
Beside killing my eyes your text becomes unreadable.
Anyways that's what I said... Spriz is available only in normal mode. For bad mode there's Dohydra and for good mode, there's Suvir.

Quote originally posted by amjohnnson:
UPDATE: Oh wait this couldnt be Gabby because I found his first event and its not the same sprite. Cool that theres a split personality where the other one is named Nefari though, maybe later Ill be able to use the shiny stone to change forms Well any answers would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure if it will work as Gabby left his other personality (story explanation)
Nefari has no icon (in-game explanation)

Quote originally posted by HyperKiller:
Okay, so i cant get Sprizzle in not-normal mode, is felinar the same? or is sprizzle actually felinars prev evolution or something?
Felinar is available everytime.
And no, they are not evolutions...
Spriz is another grass legendary, while Felinar is Cresselia.
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