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I'm assuming this is a Black 2/White 2 team? I need specification of the game you're playing so I can give an accurate review.

You need some moveset touch-ups pronto.

Cut is absolutely useless (only 50 Base Power) and it's not the best STAB for Sawsbuck. Teach it Return from the TM27. It does a lot of damage if Sawsbuck is really happy and gives STAB as well.

Ice Beam is the move you want to keep on Vanilluxe while Flash Cannon is for coverage. I say its moveset is OK right now so nothing much needs changing.

Air Slash is a no-no for Braviary due to its horrible Special Attack, try teaching it Return instead so it gets a Normal STAB move. Rock Slide is also recommended if it has Sheer Force.

For Krookodile, Crunch is definitely much superior than Foul Play, cos it has no drawbacks. Foul Play only hits hard on opponents with higher Attack stats, while Crunch has no such issue and is the best Dark STAB available. Rock Slide is also better than Rock Tomb due to having higher Base Power and the chance of flinching the foe.

Samurott doesn't really need two Water STABs, try replacing Aqua Tail with Megahorn, which you can reteach from the Reminder Girl at the PWT (Pokemon World Tournament) if you have a Heart Scale, it also gives Samurott coverage against Dark, Psychic and Grass-types. Also, if you have the TM for Ice Beam (obtained in Giant Chasm) it's a much more reliable option over Blizzard since Blizzard is terrible outside of Hail.

Arcanine's moveset looks pretty fine to me, so nothing much.