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That, and the fact they are from the real world shouldn't be a theme that's forgotten later in the story and just used as a beginning. Do they have any inclination to try to get back? What if some do and some don't? How do other pople act towards them acting potentially out of place? And so forth.

Didn't mean for everyone to be from the real world, haha. That wouldn't really fit what you are going for... although then again it's not something that doesn't have its own potential in a story, hmm.

so, in short, she's doing this because she has nothing better to do...
Which is REALLY weak :/ so I really need help here, and if that involves changing a bit of Tori's back story - then I'm completely open to it.
Yeah, that would need some working on.

Try thinking on aspects of her backstory then. Why does she want to be a Pokemon trainer so much? Also, what benefits does the Pokemon League offer? As in not just to her but other people too? Maybe that can be examined and used as a motive for her to go request it (not just for herself but for other people/on other people's request as well). And maybe it doesn't have to be exactly 'like it was' as well - maybe she just wants a hybrid League, or one that offers something different that fits this setting better.
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