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As most people here will know, Oscar Nomination day ranks alongside my birthday, Christmas and the first day of whatever holiday I get in terms of favourite days of the year. And I don't care about how sad that sounds at all. I just love 'em! Indeed, I love the Nomination day more than the show itself, as everything's still technically up in the air and surprises can abound (and hooo boy were there some surprises today).

OK, so here's some good things: Yay for Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané Wallis (whose name I had to only look up once), especially for their great photo-ops in the future. The two best performances of the year, and rightly honoured. Too bad J-Law or J-Chas are going to win for admittedly very good roles. Boo for no The Master score: Johnny Greenwood really outdid himself for that film, so it's a shame nothing happened with it outside of the actors. Yay for Jacki Weaver, whose presence in Silver Linings Playbook was a breath of fresh air in a still-very-good film. WTF for the Best Director line-up (in an awesome way!): I'm not an Argo or Les Mis fan but I AM an Amour/Beasts of the Southern Wild fan so I'm very happy with those mentions. I haven't seen ZDT yet so can't comment as to whether David O. Russell is a good substitute for Kathryn Bigelow, but I was a big SLP fan so I'm kinda happy with that. And double yay for Eiko Ishioka for her posthumous Costume Design nomination for Mirror Mirror. I definitely understand that the film was divisive (I liked it, on the whole, and definitely a lot better than Snow White and the Huntsman) but the costumes there were balls-to-the-wall amazing.

In terms of who I think's gonna win, the conventional wisdom would say Lincoln. DDL is pretty much sewn up at this point (and kinda deservedly as well, as much as I like Cooper in SLP and, to a lesser extent, Phoenix in The Master) but the rest could be a battle royale between it and Life of Pi. That one quietly snuck up due to its shedloads of tech nominations. That it doesn't have any actor support is a bit of a dent (actors make up 1/6 of AMPAS), which could lead to SLP being a spoiler. It got fewer nominations than Les Mis and Argo, but they were really important ones (Director, Writing, Editing and ALL THE ACTORS!) To me, it seems like a three-horse race, which is ridiculously exciting. February 24 can't come soon enough! :D
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