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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
The reasonwhy TDK got so much attention for the Oscars back in 2008 was because of Heath Ledger's death. TDKR didn't have any dead actors this time, hence why it didn't get the same recognition as its predecessor.

I'm actually glad that Les Mis is on the list because it was Universal Studios' 100th anniversary, so it's important for them to make a movie that's just as memorable as JAWS and E.T. to celebrate that year and beat Paramount Pictures, who was also celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Lorax, Battleship, Snow White & the Huntsman, Savages, Ted, and the Bourne Legacy all failed to reach the same statuses as those Universal movies I've just mentioned, so Les Mis was their last chance to do just that. Regardless if it loses to Lincoln or Zero Dark Thirty, the important thing is that Universal has succeeded in making a movie on their special year to be nominated for the oscars.
The good thing about the Oscar ceremony is that music from E.T. is almost always played at some point. I was always look forward to that
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