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Mana Murasaki
The Espeon girl
At the Mountains

Mana watched the conversation coming to an end. Valorie didn't pay attention to Mark and there was this girl next to him who seemed to be judging everyone, that's what her face said atleast. Her expression showed that she didn't like Valorie so much too. Everyone left, Valorie first at her Dragonite, then Mark and the girl and the boy on their salamence. Drake, Kilik and Mana were the only ones left there with Drake's dragons. Drake told Kilik he could fly away on Zeal because the dragon could find his own way back home.

Drake mentioned he would go to the infirmary to see how Valorie was doing and immediately turned his gaze to Mana. Mana glanced back at him and remembered he asked her to come with him earlier, because he was probably going to ask her questions. "I-I'm coming as well…" Mana said after she sighed, she was ready to expose her secret. "Kilik? Could you please come as well? There is something I want to ask both of you…" Mana glanced at Kilik, and then walked over to Drake. "Shall we?" Mana tried to smile, but was kind of upset about today.

Roxas Jaden Asakura
Alice's room

Roxas felt Alice's head resting on his shoulder and instead of looking all happy and blushing, his face turned sadly as he thought about how Alice would react once she found out about his "little secret". He decided he would fake his smile for awhile so Alice wouldn't be sad, right now it was thanksgiving and it was most likely that he was gonna spend it with her. He wouldn't leave a sick girl on her own. Roxas pecked he head and suddenly his face turned all red as his "coolness" had dropped. It was just way too hard to be cool in situations like this. For today he wanted to forget that he was a Team Rocket member, just for today!

Roxas held another spoon with tomato soup forward her mouth and tried to make her swallow it. "Feeling any better already?" Roxas asked her out of concern.
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