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Quote originally posted by Chaos Fork:
Hello people!! Im a noob too...
Im Chaos Fork (or just Chaos) and...yeah.
Heey there Chaos, welcome to PC! :D Love your avatar, I've really started to love the two new legendaries. Makes it hard to choose between X and Y when the games come out... might just have to get both, haha. XD; Do you know which version you'll be getting yet? <3 (Assuming Y?)

Quote originally posted by joffre:
Hi there! I have this user since 2007 but never really used it. Now i'm using it, no matter if I had this user 6 years ago, i never really used it haha, so, hello everybody! My name is Joffre, from Ecuador.

Currently playing pokemon White 2.
Great to see you back here, Joffre! Nice to meet you! It's always awesome when older members return as it makes me happy to know they remembered PC all these years later. The forum's changed quite a bit since then but it won't be hard to familiarize yourself with everything again (and if it is confusing, you can always ask for help)!

I need to play my Black 2... it's been months and for some reason I kind of stopped playing right after beating the E4. D: