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It's very possible there's gonna be a Yoshi's Island game on the Wii U. Someone "accidently" hacked the Wii U (he got the Wii U before the street date and when he got on miiverse he had admin powers) and when he looked at the listed game "Yoshi's Land Wii U" or something like that was listed. (Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy were listed as well.)

To be honest, I don't care. Yoshi's Island is, imo, a terribly overrated game that has nothing special. As a platformer, it's abysmal, because Yoshi controls horrible and the only way to die is by falling because it's easy to get back Baby Mario. It's basically a collectathon mixed with Mario Bros.. Level design is the only thing that it has going for it, but with the the bad physics and easy difficulty they're completely neutralized.

Wario Land and Donkey Kong Country are better. Hell, Wario and DK are better than Yoshi in general, I don't get the love for the green dinosaur.

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