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Cynthia ignored Ace's comment, although she did blink at the fact that Ace swept Olivia up in a bridal hold, and dragged Hei behind a few trees. Hei obliged and allowed herself to be dragged, although she smirked at the receding people.

Cynthia let go of Hei as soon as they were out of sight.

"Breaking up with me already?" deadpanned Hei with a smirk. "I'm heartbroken."

Cynthia rolled her eyes before getting serious. "It's Thanksgiving."


"Are you going to let Bai out?"

"Aw, ya don't want me around anymore?"

Cynthia sighed. "Think of what Bai would feel if she missed Thanksgiving."

"Happy," answered Hei to the rhetorical question. At Cynthia's surprised expression, Hei scowled. "Bai...Thanksgiving shouldn't really have a positive conentation to Bai, even if she is in denial as to what her mum did to her."

Cynthia was hesitant. None of Bai's personalities, even Bai, ever mentioned about their, Bai's, past. Cynthia didn't want to ask, Bai's past was her own, and all that she knew was that Hei was the first personality to show up. She had also noticed the burn scar when she saw Bai for the first time, but Cynthia still didn't feel close enough to ask.

Hei sensed Cynthia's hesitance and softened slightly, although she still seemed rather angry. "Don't worry 'bout it. Just...don't ask Bai. She wouldn't be able to answer your questions well."

Hei was a little rough around the edges, but it was obvious that she cared for Bai despite all the times Hei insulted her.

Cynthia nodded. "I won't."

Hei smirked. "Happy Thanksgiving."

"Happy Thanksgiving," Cynthia said in return.

Hei's eyes closed and she fell bonelessly. Thankfully, due to their close proximity, Cynthia caught Hei before she hit the ground. Deciding that it was smart to start moving to the Academy before it go too dark as it might take awhile for Bai to wake up, Cynthia managed to get Bai on her back, piggy-back riding, and started off.

They had passed the Pokemon Center, close to the dining hall where Thanksgiving dinner was going to be held, when Bai shifted.

“Where am I?” mumbled Bai into Cynthia’s hair.

“We’re about to go to the dining hall for Thanksgiving dinner,” answered Cynthia.

“How much did I miss?” asked Bai, still mumbling.

“Few hours.”


“Hei. She met two students and a potential groomer. Offered to take in a pokemon egg that didn’t have a home.”

Cynthia listened to the silence for a few moments. How strange did it feel to wake up in a place unknown, unsure what another you had done or met. Cynthia was sure that she would not have adjusted so well.

In actuality, most people suffering from DID didn’t even know that it was abnormal to lose time and appear in a different place. Cynthia met Bai when she had already known about her condition and accepted it. That was why Bai was so well-adjusted.

Bai finally spoke. “Can you let me down?”

Cynthia stopped, a few blocks from the dining hall, and let Bai down.

“Do you want to go?” asked Cynthia, worried. “We don’t have to if you aren’t feeling well.”

“I’m fine,” said Bai, although she was still obviously out of sorts to Cynthia. “I’m starving, actually. I would rather eat than sleep.”

“Okay,” Cynthia agreed.

Despite their will to go to the dinner, neither of them moved as Bai seemed hesitant about something.

“...Cynthia?” Bai finally asked.

“Yes, Bai?”

A few seconds. “Never mind.” A smile. “Let’s hurry up before all the good food is gone.”

Cynthia nodded and watched Bai walk off. She sighed.

I wish Bai would trust me enough to share her feelings and past, Cynthia thought before walking after Bai.

OOC: We’re watching a movie about DID, fictional but based on a true story, in Psychology class. I’m probably letting the movie affect the mood of my posts. XD

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