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Quote originally posted by Spinosaurus:
Oh god, I want your theme! H-H-H-HURRY UP and give it to me!

That reminds me, I need to go and get 100% on super hard mode. Toxic Landfill kicked my ass last time I tried. (But I can't get mad when it means I get to listen to the badasss BGM more.)
I tried playing Fiery Cavern earlier, and it being my first playthrough of the game, and I couldn't beat it. Gonna go back to it later.
Quote originally posted by Yuoaman:
I really think Yoshi's Island has some of the tightest controls in any platformer ever - the jump works perfectly, and the ability to hover to squeeze a little more distance out is fantastic, I mean I like Donkey Kong Country but the characters always felt a little too weighty for my tastes.
I have to agree. I've played the GBA version, idk if the physics are any different on the SNES version, but I really like the physics and controls..
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