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Ryan Newson

Ryan had been lying on his bed when he heard some people walking past his room. He got up and looked out of the window, seeing that some children were walking off to the cafeteria. Ryan wondered what people would be doing at this time. Then it hit him. Thanksgiving! Ryan wasn't a hugely sociable person, however he thought it polite to go to the thanksgiving celebrations and felt it was his 'duty' as a member of staff.
So Ryan went to the bathroom, showered, got on some fresh clothes then stepped outside of his door.

Ryan was walking to the cafeteria whilst thinking about what to do for tomorrow for his lesson. He had done a lesson on Lugia, his favourite legendary, but what next? The thought seemed to plague Ryan's mind and he couldn't rid himself of it.
Eventually, Ryan came to the cafeteria. He walked over to where the food was being served and got himself a moderately well piled plate. He had: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, Stuffing, Cornbread, Sweet potato casserole and gravy. After filling his plate to a size that seemed reasonable, he walked over to a solitary table and sat down. Looking around he observed his surroundings and watched as more and more people came into the cafeteria.
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