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ok let's get to the Elite 4


: difficulty 1.5/5
*went down with Dig killed 2 of my pokemons but made it

: difficulty 1/5
*made it with Strength

-Radio Tower
-beat Rival with my
-beat Final Boss with 's Dig
-gave Amulet Coin to
-done Ice Path

: difficulty 1/5
*had no problem at all

-taught Whirlpool
-caught a
-taught Waterfall
-beat Rival with my amazing
-done Victory Road
-taught Shadow Ball

here we are to the E4

Will: difficulty 1/5 i've just learnt Shadow Ball
Koga: difficulty 1/5paired withmade it with no difficult
Bruno: difficulty 1/5 woohis Psychic lucky me xD
Karen: difficulty 1.5/5is Psychic unlucky me easy killed Umbreon with Dynamicpunch and the other were piece of cake
Lance: difficulty 3/5 quite hard i had to use all of my Revives i had no Ice move

HoF no Screenshot I'll shot just Red

-time to go on Kanto
-done Ship

: difficulty 0/5
*dug a hole in his Gym

: difficulty 0/5
*used Shadow Ball on everyone

: difficulty 0/5
*broke the roof of her Gym

: difficulty 0/5
*piece of cake for

-Lavander Town
-Rock Tunnel
-done Power Plant quest

*used Strength

-Diglett Cave

*had Earthquake and Special attacks

-defeated Rival at Mt.Moon

*i said ithad Earthquake xD

2/5 not that easy but not too difficult
*Rollout on - Girafrig Psychic on - Crunch on - Strength on -Earthquake on - Crunch on

-buying healing Items for the Final Battle

: 3/5
Earthquake on - Crunch on - Dynamicpunch healing and Strength killed it -Psychic 2HKO - healing'till finished Flamethrower -was way more easy thexD 3HKO Psychic

Here we go Final Stats and Red Screenshot

Atk 132/Def 103/Sp.Atk 92/Sp.Def 104/Spd 139
Shadow Ball

Atk 68/Def 130/Sp.Atk 119/Sp.Def 147/Spd 75
Double Edge
Sweet Kiss

LV59 Red MVP
Atk 130/Def 107/Sp.Atk 143/Sp.Def 114/Spd 137

so we finished this too let's go to Hoenn :D
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