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Hm... I'm thinking the new region will have some sort of contact with the Unova region, even though it's based on an entirely new continent. As we've already seen the Eiffel Tower, it's very likely to be based off Paris or the entire country of France. Seeing as Unova was based off New York City.
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Now what do you guys think will happen to the Route numbering? Will we go back down to Route 1? Or will the region pick up where Unova left off?
Hm... I'm probably thinking that it would probably go all the way back down to Route 1 again, seeing as the games are based in a different continent from the United States. The only games that have ended up going onto Route 101, 201 ect. is when it was based in the same country. Since Hoenn was based in Japan, it went up to Route 101, while Sinnoh was based on Hokkaido, Japan... it went to Route 201.
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