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Haru found himself walking along the side of the academy. Unsure of where he was, he peered inside a nearby window. It appeared that he was outside the library, but no one appeared to be inside. Not even the librarian, but he figured that the person on duty left to get some dinner. With a tired grunt he carefully slid his arms out from around the straps of his backpack and stepped forward as the bag hit the ground with an audible thump. Kaiser began barking as his trainer fell back and sat on the ground. Icarus woke up from its daze and looked over at the fire-type.

"Quiet down, Kaiser," Haru said as he pat the top of the Growlithe's head, "I'm okay, I just need a break." It felt almost impossible to feel and move his arms. The coordination felt so off he was worried that he was going to smack Kaiser with a wrong move. The sooner he could just get to his room and nap (or pass out; whichever would be more accurate) the better he'd feel. It was going to be difficult getting back up on his own until he got feeling back. At the same time his stomach was growling as it too made the boy uncomfortable. It felt like miniature blades were poking at his sides. He knew he should have bought snacks for the trip over, but he had no more room to store things... At this point I'd even settle for the Thanksgiving food.

A pokeball around the boy's belt expanded on its own. A moment later a shimmering white light appeared in front of him. It contrasted with the incoming night's sky. In a flash, Luna appeared and patted her trainer on the shoulder. She started addressing Kaiser and Icarus. The three pokemon communicated together while their trainer looked around at them wondering what they were up to.

With a simultaneous cry, the three pokemon broke away from their trainer and began dashing away. "Hey, wait you guys!! Where are you go--" Haru spoke up. He tried to reach his hand out and command them to come back, but a sharper pain caught his torso. Lurching so fast caused his lower torso to cramp up. Shaking off the pain, he wrapped one arm around the front of his body and used the other to try and get himself up off the ground. He made no progress as the three turned the corner.
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