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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

That name again..."Creed". Kraus mentioned that name after the second blackout, and he was positive he had heard the name before. When he heard Amethyst say this, he shot her a curious look. This "Creed" character must have been associated with her somehow. He thought about it more and more, and the name grew more and more familiar until...until his mind blanked. No progress was made.

Then, abruptly, an incredibly violent migraine came over Mako. He grabbed his head and applied so much pressure that it seemed as if he were going to crack his skull. He started screaming in pain, unable to bear the intense pain without some sort of outlet. Cecilia, startled by Mako's sudden outburst, woke up and immediately jumped from Mako's back, distancing herself from her tormented brother. Darkness oozed from his person, enveloping him and leaving only his screams for the others to hear. He wasn't able to control his body from all of the pain he was feeling. It felt as if he were dying.

His brain felt as if it were ripping apart, his mind felt as if it was going haywire, and his body felt as if it were being torn apart. But, is if he had a moment of clarity, he sniffed. It was a calm sniff, but one that lingered, consuming the black smog of darkness that enveloped him. All at once, everything was all right.

Initially, he didn't understand what had happened, as if he had one really, REALLY bad headache...then he noticed that couldn't see much out of his left eye. It startled him, but then he noticed that his eyesight was fine and what was really making his eyesight bad was...his hair? He became even more startled than he was when he thought his eyesight was bad. He grabbed his hair and held it up to the sunlight, and it was a lighter shade of black! It'd grown and become a grayish-black color. His skin also to be a shade darker, which was...strange. He went to scratch his head, but as his hand passed his face, he felt a sharp pain on his cheek. It felt like he cut it, which was rather odd since he was the type to bite his nails to keep them short. He looked at his nails and...they were sharper than normal, as in, sharp enough to pierce skin by accident. All of these changes made him feel dazed, but at the same time he seemed eerily chipper.

He looked around and saw that Lucy had suddenly appeared, and she was punching...nothing. She seemed pretty confused. He turned to Amethyst and said, "Th- woah!" He was shocked that he voice had taken on a slightly deeper pitch. He cleared his throat and said, "Thanks, Amy, I'm glad you kept the hat safe." He flashed Amy a smile and then took the hat, slicking the hair that was covering his left eye onto his head and the putting the hat on so that it would stay. He looked back to Amy and examined her. "My, my, haven't you changed. Maybe you should be the one protecting Lucy." He said with a friendly chuckle. He looked up for a moment, grumbling to himself. "...I still haven't connected all of the dots, but I feel as if you and I have met several times...times when I wasn't myself..." He scratched his head. "Or something like that. I don't have everything figured out yet, but you've definitely been a major help in developing into...whatever I became just a few minutes ago. I really do need to thank you." He turned to Bay and said, "It's good to see you again, too. I'm a little disappointed I didn't notice you when I got here."

He listened to Emily introduce herself and to say where she was from. However, he had his eyes glued on Lucy, because he was plotting something. He'd yet to greet her, and he hadn't talked to her since...since they met. Still, he felt like he knew about her, somehow. Unlike before, he had actual memories of talking with her, memories that he couldn't quite trace back. So what was he planning, exactly? Well, she seemed to have just gotten out of a terrible experience, and she seemed a little pissed off. He knew she needed affection, and so he bore a heavy grin and applied it. He ran up to her full speed yelling, "LUCY", grabbed locked her in his arms, lifted her up, and twisted left and right, saying "IT'SBEENSOLONGI'VEMISSEDYOUSOMUCHI'VEBEENLONELYANDYOUWEREEATENANDIDIDN'TTHINKI'DSAVEYOUANDYOUSAVEDYOURSELFANDIT'SSOGREATTOSEEYOUAGAIN"

Okay, he knew this wouldn't cheer her up, he definitely had a gut feeling it would piss her off; but there was no stopping it, Mako's an affectionate person.
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