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Haru laughed like a mad man. "No freaking way! My name is Haru too! Haru Hatake!" This was awesome! He met someone with the same name! "Allow me to help." He dispatched Void to go retrieve the trio of pokemon. If anyone was friendly enough to persuade three pokemon to come back, it was Void. "Go find Haru's pokemon." When the Munchlax poked his pokeballs, he laughed. "No, not ME Haru. Him Haru." He pointed at Windsong. The Munchlax ran off to go find Haru's pokemon...Not Hatake's. "Don't worry. Void will find them. If he can't, no one can. The guy's too friendly for his own good." He chuckled again. "Those pokemon of yours are real live wires. Mine are like that too."
"Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that ship??"
"Sir. Finishing the fight."
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