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I enjoy mill decks for the alternate victory conditions (Poison counters don't count. After killing people too fast with infect, it kinda got boring =_=). Plus the color combo lets me play a bit of control on top of that. My favorite colors have always been Red, Blue and Black, so it's relatively compatible with my playstyle.

Quote originally posted by Cirrus:
A cube is basically a limited format where you make your own set and so on and then draft it. (Tons of replay value and oodles of fun! etc.) Patrick Sullivan is a decently well-known Red mage in the tournament scene - and friend of Mike Flores. As for tournaments, I am really happy to see so many cool cards in the tournament scene right now being used from the RTR block (things like Sphinx's Revelation is being played in ... 4-color midrange?!).
One of the guys here played that 5 color Omniscience Door deck. That deck looks so fun but so expensive.

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