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Was he strong enough? Surely she must have asked in jest. Or, was this the thinly veiled insult he had been expecting? An attack on his character and abilities as if to cast aspersions and doubt as to his fitness as a trainer. He was not like those other trainers who had died to the lowly first gym leader. Those birds stood nary a chance against him and Umbra. His face betrayed nothing as he looked at the beautiful young woman. Not a flinch, or even a blink. It was like his face had been cast in stone or frozen in carbonite.

“I’ll be quite alright,” he replied to her mildly. His voice not elevated or strained as if to hint at his growing frustration. “Your concern is...touching,” he lied as if he had spoken nothing but truth. “Falkner and his birds will be nothing but a down comforter with which I tuck my Pokemon into bed at night. This, I promise you.” He reached into his coat and pulled out Umbra’s pokeball, loosing her from its confines with one practiced move.

She leapt out with a cheer and looked up gleefully at the new humans, quite the contrary to her master. The little Sneasel ran up to Krissu and began to play with her hair. Why did both of his Pokemon seem enthralled with the girls unique coloring? Solomon simply loosed a semi-agitated sigh and snapped for Umbra to fall back into place. She came trotting back and stood next to him just as she had been trained to.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.” He looked from Krissu to Ange and back again. “I must make my departure with upmost haste. I have a quest from the Mayor to turn in. I’ll be sure to be vigilant for these...bugs.”

He walked past the two girls unceremoniously. Not rudely, just in his own manner of etiquette ignorance and bluntness. Umbra lingered behind just for a second and began to gesture at the two women, almost as if she was apologizing for her Master’s behavior. The Pokemon smiled at them both and bolted after Solomon, his brisk pace quickly carrying him farther away from the duo, his coat rustling in the generated breeze. Umbra, stopping one last time, turned and waved to Krissu, a large smile plastered on her face before she jumped back around and disappeared with her master around the bend.