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Just beat SoulSilver. I have completed the Johto and Kanto region now. Sorry I haven't posted my last few days of work, but I will recap tomorrow. I'm tired tonight and I have an audition tomorrow so I will just state the main points of my day's achievements.

Main achievements of Day 4-

-Caught another fire type. Slugma, I nicknamed him slugball
- Defeated my rival again at Mt. Moon
- Beat 4-8 gym in Kanto region
- Defeated Elite 4 again
- Defeated Red

Game beat time 16 :47

Final team:


Nickname: Furball
Lvl 94
Moveset: Eruption / Shadow Claw / Cut / Flamethrower

Nickname: HM Slave 1
Lvl 17
Moveset: Tackle/ Strength / Rock Climb / Rock Smash

Nickname: HMSlave3
Lvl 15
Moveset: Surf / Waterfall / Whirlpool / Toxic Spikes

Nickname: Slugball
Lvl 27
Movest: Rock Throw / Harden / Recover / AncientPower

I used a spearow to fly around, and I never hatched the egg. I used mostly furball, my typhlosion for battling. I would've used slugma more, but I caught him so late in the game that there wasn't much point. The hardest battle for me in the game was beating Lance that second time.