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-- Update 3 --

Well, I completed my Ruby Random Challenge, and I must say it’s nice to try new Pokemon out. I enjoyed this quite a lot, and it’s happy to replay Ruby again, brings back nostalgic memories.

- Used TM14 to teach Mr. Freeze Blizzard
- Received Dive from Steven
- Challenged Tate & Liza
- After much struggle, took out Solrock with Surf and Lunatone with Bite
- Defeated Tate & Liza and received the Mind Badge

- Received the Super Rod and caught Sharpedo - Sharkbait (HM Slave)
- Arrived in Pacifidlog Town and did nothing there
- Flew back to Dewford
- Madonna evolved into Exploud outside of the Abandoned Ship
- Entered the Abandoned Ship
- Received the Scanner and delivered it to Capt. Stern for the Deepseascale
- Went to the Trick House to train
- Mr. Freeze evolved into Glalie in the Trick House
- Found the Magma Undersea Cavern
- Used TM26 to teach Mr. Freeze Earthquake
- Gave Mr. Freeze the Soft Sand
- Challenged Maxie
- Ms. Fortune beat Mightyena with a Critical Slash
- Gulliver knocked out Camerupt with Surf
- Raichu weakened Crobat with Thunderbolt, and Gulliver finished him off with Shock Wave
- Defeated Maxie
- Released the KRAKEN, I mean Groudon, and started the drought
- Talked to Steven and arrived in Sootopolis City
- Went through the Origin Cave and encountered GROUDON
- Entire team was wiped out by Groudon with one hit each :C
- Accidentally ran away and fixed the drought
- Challenged Wallace
- Ms. Fortune beat Luvdisc with Thundershock and Slash
- Madonna took out Whiscash with Hyper Beam and Strength
- Madonna weakened Sealeo with Hyper Beam but was taken out with Aurora Beam
- Elektra finished Sealeo off with Thunderbolt
- Elektra took out Seaking with Thunderbolt
- Pelipper and Ms. Fortune weakened Milotic, and Elektra finished Milotic with Thunderbolt
- Defeated Wallace and received the Rain Badge

- Used TM03 to teach Mr. Freeze Water Pulse
- Arrived in Ever Grande City and entered Victory Road
- Used TM13 to teach Ms. Fortune Ice Beam
- Challenged by Wally
- Mr. Freeze destroyed Altaria with Ice Beam
- Mr. Freeze barely beat Delcatty with Ice Beam
- Madonna weakened Magneton with Flamethrower, and Ms. Fortune defeated it with Slash
- Ms. Fortune beat Roselia with Ice Beam
- Ms. Fortune knocked out Gardevoir with Bite
- Defeated Wally and left Victory Road
- Arrived in the Pokemon League
- Challenged Sidney
- Gulliver took out Mightyena with Surf
- Madonna beat Cacturne with Flamethrower
- Elektra knocked out Sharpedo with Thundershock
- Ms. Fortune took out Absol with Ice Beam
- Mr. Freeze finished off Shiftry with Ice Beam
- Defeated Sidney and healed up Pokemon
- Challenged Phoebe
- Ms. Fortune took out Phoebe’s entire team with Bite
- Defeated Phoebe and healed up Pokemon
- Challenged Glacia
- Madonna beat Glalie with Flamethrower
- Elektra took out both Sealeos with Thundershock
- Madonna knocked out Glalie with Flamethrower
- Elektra finished off Walrein with Thundershock
- Defeated Glacia and healed up Pokemon
- Challenged Drake
- Mr. Freeze beat Shelgon with Ice Beam
- Ms. Fortune knocked out Flygon with Ice Beam
- Mr. Freeze took out Altaria, Salamence, and Flygon with Ice Beam
- Defeated Drake and healed up Pokemon
- After being defeated by Steven several times, did some level grinding
- Challenged Steven
- Mr. Freeze beat Skarmory with Ice Beam
- Gulliver took out Claydol and Armaldo with Surf
- Mr. Freeze took out Cradily with Ice Beam and Metagross with Earthquake
- Mr. Freeze got a lucky Critical and took out Aggron
- Defeated Steven, became Champion, and beat the game.

~-~ Team ~-~

~-~ Team Synopsis ~-~

MVP - Ms. Fortune

Ice Beam - Slash
Bite - Perish Song

Ms. Fortune was a good Pokemon to pick up, and the only one on the team I’ve used before. Her high Attack and wide moveset allowed her to fit into any battle, while trading off TMs to balance out the moves. Ice Beam was added to replace Thunderbolt once I had enough Electric moves on my team from Elektra and Gulliver. Ice Beam also allowed Ms. Fortune to take on Mr. Freeze’s role against Drake, when I went up against his Pokemon with Flamethrower. Slash and his high-crit ratio, along with high Attack, made this an essential attack to have. Bite, while not complemented by any particular Special Attack stat, received the STAB and the bonus from the Blackglasses, and, since Ms. Fortune was relatively fast, allowed her to cause the opponent to flinch often enough. Perish Song was acquired in the last battle against Steven, but was never effectively used ever. Ms. Fortune was definitely the best Pokemon on my team, and I had expected as such.

LVP - Gulliver

Surf - Fly
Shock Wave - Protect

Gulliver was very good in the first few gyms, allowing me to breeze through Roxanne, Brawly, Flannery, and Norman with a great deal less hassle. Having Shock Wave was somewhat useful, but Gulliver’s stats really didn’t allow him to be useful later on. Surf was actually useful later on in game, taking out annoying Ground and Rock types who could’ve been a lot more annoying, especially during the Steven battle. Fly was just a convenient move for travel, but since it was a 2-turn move, Gulliver rarely used the move. Shock Wave was a fairly decent move before picking up Ms. Fortune and Elektra, as it was the only good attack I had for Flying and Water types. Protect was the attack that allowed me to beat Norman’s Slakings, but other than that the move wasn’t particularly helpful. Unfortunately for Gulliver, between a limited movepool and less-than-good stats, and earned him the spot of Least Valuable Pokemon.


Flamethrower - Strength
Hyper Beam - Howl

Madonna was a difficult Pokemon to use as a Whismur, with few moves and weak stats, but picked up strength on the team. Madonna was a good Pokemon on the team, and she was one of the more used Pokemon on my team. Flamethrower was a move on Madonna since she was a Loudred, and was extremely useful against Grass and Steel types who posed a problem. Strength was the basic go to move, as it was boosted by STAB and her Silk Scarf. The same went for Hyper Beam, but only stronger and sparingly used. Howl was used against annoying Intimidate and Growl users to patch her Attack back up. Madonna was my main hitter on Glacia, and in general was just a good member of my team.


Thunderbolt - Dig
Flash - Slam

Elektra was an extremely annoying Pokemon to find, but once I did, she was able to be evolved immediately. Thunderbolt was Elektra’s main move, as it got the STAB from her Electric typing, along with Paralysis. Dig was the attack used to hit Electric and Fire types when it was applicable, and was useful for escaping dungeons quickly. Flash was an absolutely necessary thing, because I was absolutely lost in Victory Road. Flash replaced Double Team, which essentially does the same thing more or less. Slam was her move to hit Ground types or the like, when she needed to, and also added a Paralysis kick, like Thunderbolt. Elektra was particularly useful against Wallace’s Water Pokemon, for obvious reasons, and was a very nice Pokemon to use.

Mr. Freeze

Ice Beam - Water Pulse
Earthquake - Crunch

When I first caught Mr. Freeze as a Snorunt, I never thought I would be able to use him. No matter how hard he tried, he just kept getting knocked out through every fight. However, through switch training, eventually he evolved, and as Glalie, he was far more usable, with him and Ms. Fortune taking care of Drake on their own. Ice Beam was the move for Mr. Freeze, and actually froze the opponent more than I would have expected, making a very useful attack. Water Pulse was a late game teach, after Wallace, as a way to fight Rock types, should they become a problem, though I never used it. Earthquake was the final move of the game I used, and was another move useful for coverage, as well as sheer power. Crunch was a move I expected to be more useful than it was, mostly because I thought Glalie had a Dark subtype. This was the first time I have ever even caught a Snorunt, and, thanks to this challenge, I discovered the icy part of Shoal Cave I didn’t even know exist. I enjoy Glalie, almost as much as I enjoy Froslass, and would gladly use him again.

-- End of Update 3 --

Well, this is the first full challenge I have completed, so that’s exciting! I’m ready for another one of these, so I’m signing up again.

Name: Dr. Slavic
Game: FireRed
Number of Pokemon: 5
Restrictions: I only want Pokemon that don’t evolve or only evolve once(I want a challenge!)

Just a quick question, am I allowed to hack in Everstones for this challenge? I don’t need to necessarily, but it would be helpful. Thanks!

For dontstay96, your team can be... Roserade, Rampardos, Honchkrow, Bronzong, Octillery, and Toxicroak!

Does this work for you?