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Quote originally posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red:
You said about a "Different mode." And for the Yellow, your right, it becomes unreadable. :/ I'll just use my favourite protagonist's name as colour . Anyways...can someone please help me? I'm doing the "Gabrieleon's past." quest and the shaman says for me to talk to the elder but he only talks about Light/Jude?
Now our fonts will be same... not cool...

Quote originally posted by amjohnnson:
Oh wow! I finally caught Gabrieleon and guess what?! Its shiny!! And who would have thought the shiny version looks like Nefari. To bad its adamant nature though cause its special attack is only 13 at lv. 30 :/ but hey Im just glad to have a Shiny Gabrieleon BTW is it common for this pokemon to come out shiny?

UPDATE: And you would add that right after I finished myself! LOL
It's 50% shiny and non-shiny.
And Gabby's best used as physical sweeper so adamant is awesome.

Quote originally posted by HyperKiller:
If somebody is generous enough i still demand a picture of where to find the green diamond, 'cause i screw up at finding stuff badly. =3
I have already answered where the green diamond is.
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