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I'm hoping for a pre-evo of Miltank and Tauros.
More eeveelutions will come, I think.
I think some non-evolving Pokemon will get some evolutions. Mawhile, Zangoose, Audino, Corsola, and such.
I have heard many people wonder if Kangaskhan is related to Cubone and Marowak. Perhaps whatever Pokemon is in Kangaskhan's pouch will be identified as evolving into Cubone. It would certainly be interesting.[term]=cubone%20a%20kangaskhan&filters[primary]=images

I think some Pokemon that only evolve once will get either a pre-evolution or an evolution, depending on how baby-ish the first evolution is.
For example, Poochyena looks like a puppy and I don't think they could make a pre-evo for it. So they could make an evolution for Mightyena.
Sneasel doesn't look young at all, it even stood as a non-evolving Pokemon for awhile. They could definitely make a baby for the Weavile line.
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