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Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
I would think that if anything should be changed to deal with the skewing of things in the competitive metagame, it's Stealth Rock itself. Rather than altering the balance and movepools of some enormous number of pokemon with all the repercussions that would have on all the games and all the players just because of one overused move (and particularly a move that's essentially useless in-game), they should alter that move so that it no longer forces virtually all competitive battlers to plan their strategies around it. Done and done.
Either that, or Smogon should've had the balls to actually ban it back when it was first released. Take every description on Smogon of NU Pokémon with a 4x weakness to Rock and it'll say they're only NU because of Stealth Rock (Charizard being the biggest example).

I remember the 4th gen pre-release discussion threads on Smogon very well, and everyone agreed that Stealth Rock made a lot of Pokémon very difficult to use properly. But they chose not to ban it, and the biggest counter to Steel types (Fire) was severely weakened by the introduction of the move. I remember discussing this in another forum and mentioning the only Pokémon in OU with a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock is Volcarona, which despite the 4x weakness, is a powerhouse with huge Special stats and Quiver Dance.

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